Here are some great testimonials and check out the reviews linked below.

“...Monster Kid Home Movies is a DVD that belongs on the shelf of every Monster Kid, whether young or old.”

Jim Clatterbaugh
Editor/Publisher MFTV
“...I wasn't prepared to feel such profound emotion from this disc -- and that emotion says, "This is me, and these are my people."
Tim Lucas
Editor/Publisher Video Watchdog
“I've been  bouncing around my living room as if I were 13 again. It's incredible. What used to be cute little films now have the feel of a real MOVIE. I've got a lump in my throat,  I'm so emotionally overwhelmed. I am deliriously happy and proud.”
Frank Dietz
“I just received the DVD yesterday. I laughed! I cried! That was before I viewed the DVD!!  I'm proud to be among such a distinguished group.”
Bruce Tinkel
“The DVD is also about aspirations and dreams, some realized, some cut short.  And also about a special kind of success -- the kind of success you garner  when something you made touches others in ways you never anticipated.”
Gary Prange
“...the films have a unique charm that will never be duplicated. I'm very proud to be part of this.”
Kerry Gammill
“...this was the most heartrending and happymaking (all at once) collection of things imaginable and KUDOS to everyone who contributed and made it come to pass. ...this dvd is an absolute must-have for every movie fan.  Not just horror fans, as someone said, but for everyone who suffers from even the mildest case of Nostalgia.”
Robert Taylor
“ can watch something like that and be inspired to the point of going out and making their own film. It says a lot about the quality of this disc - it's just plain inspirational! Great job, everyone involved!! Here's to the monster kids of the past, present, AND future!”
Larry (Dr. Gangreene) Underwood
“This is the stirring of ideas in little kids' heads and the enterprise, energy and dedication we see being brought to life in these little films. What a fond way to remember the past and honor the gifts of the genre!”
Donna Lucas
co editor/publisher Video Watchdog
“Both of my sons watched Monster Kid Home Movies with me. After listening to some of the commentaries, Matt wanted to know "when can WE make a movie?" Powerful monsterkid mojo in our crude little films... as a Dad, I'll take inspiring my kids over mesmerizing them anytime.”
Joe “Sorko” Schovitz